SILURAN® - Patented COOL-DOWN technology

In the heat of the moment

Whether sweating during work, at leisure or in bed on a muggy summer‘s night - textiles accompany us at any time and, therefore, have to support our well-being as well as possible, especially in climatically extremer conditions. The SILURAN® COOL-DOWN technology will optimise your textile.

SILURAN® is not only the family brand for a new type of textile finishing, but also the name for the patented technology on which it is based. The hydrophilic properties of a modified polyurethane segment and the softness of a silicone are combined in ®RUCO-PUR SEC to form a new type of functional finish. The name composed of SILicone and PolyURethANe results in the new performance class SILURAN®.

®SILURAN is a hydrophilic finishing product of the family brand HYDROCOOL®.

What you so far have known about moisture-management

Depending on the type of fibre, yarn and fabric construction, a textile disposes of basic properties to more or less ensure moisture management during use.

A basic requirement is an optimised hydrophilic finish that increases the wetting performance of textiles. The wetting performance is the basic requirement for the moisture management quality of textiles. It influences the following parameters:

  • Better moisture absorption
  • Better moisture transportation
  • Rapid moisture evaporation

More rapid drying - climatronic for textiles

Finishing a textile with ®RUCO-PUR SEC makes it dry more rapidly

The drying behaviour of textiles can be determined by the M&S test method P136A “Measuring evaporation“. This gravimetric determination at defined intervals indicates the evaporation of moisture from a textile into surrounding atmosphere. Evaporation or the drying behaviour is indicated in % in comparison with the fully wetted initial fabric.

High evaporation and COOL-DOWN effect

®RUCO-PUR SEC has been especially developed with regard to a high evaporation of textiles. The user has the following advantages:

The hydrophilic effects of ®RUCO-PUR SEC transport perspiration away from the skin by means of capillary effects, which leaves the textile side towards the body drier. An unpleasant cold feeling during rests caused by blocked moisture is thus avoided.

In the active phase moisture evaporates on the textile surface and not on the skin. For drying warmth is required, which is withdrawn from the surrounding atmosphere and the skin. The textile rendered hydrophilic in that manner creates a pleasant cool effect during action (COOL-DOWN effect).

Excellent soft-handle effects with anti-static properties

The handle of a textile and its antistatic properties contribute decisively to its overall comfort.

®RUCO-PUR SEC confers a hydrophilic soft handle effect in combination with good antistatic values. Especially with synthetic textiles a wearability is created that is kind to the skin.

With elastane-containing textiles the strongly hydrophobic silicone softeners on the elastane fibres should be already removed in pretreatment/dyeing by suitable scouring agents (®RUCOGEN SFW) or pre-hydrophilic finishing agents (®FERAN ICS). Textiles are now perfectly prepared for the final finish with ®RUCO-PUR SEC. Contact us for suitable process steps.

Easy handling keeps the finishing costs low

®RUCO-PUR SEC is easily handled.

Depending on the group of articles and finishing possibilities, finishing can be carried out by the exhaust method or pad process. The special product design ensures low foaming properties, which enables the application in machines with high liquor circulation, such as jet/overflow or yarn dyeing machines.

A special and costly curing process is not necessary. Ordinary drying produces a wash-resistant function on textiles.


Advantages at a glance

Advantages on textiles

  • Hydrophilic properties and high evaporation
  • COOLING-DOWN properties
  • Soft handle with anti-static effects
  • TOTAL-WEAR-COMFORT in combination with SILVERPLUS®
  • Wash-resistant hydrophilic effects


Advantages during application

  • Secure technical application processes in the exhaust method or pad process
  • Suitable for jet applications due to its low-foaming properties
  • Due to its resistance to yellowing excellent suitability for white goods
  • Versatile compatibility with other hydrophilic softeners


We are happy to assist you in implementing the process on your articles.