Make your career




At RUDOLF there are no standardised career plans, as every employee has individual strengths and personal goals. And this is exactly how we would like to support you: according to your individual needs and our company-specific demands.

Despite or especially because of our flat hierarchies there are numerous opportunities. Immediately after you have commenced working for us tasks will be assigned to you which you will have to attend to independently. Thus, you will learn new things. Decisions are made efficiently so that your ideas are implemented fast and ambitious goals are attained.

Together with your boss you will define how to attain your goals. Regular performance reviews will be held in which you will speak about your tasks and goals, and mutual feedback is exchanged. Moreover, it is about planning your professional advancement. Goal assignments made in writing which can be formulated by yourself or your boss support the career path pursued.


Our company lives on the commitment and performance of its employees, which is also to the benefit of our staff!

This is why we offer all our employees an attractive salary package, which includes

  • Thirty days holiday, which is 10 days in excess of what is regulated by law
  • Subsidy to company pension schemes
  • Offer to optimise your net salary
  • Numerous benefits for a balanced work life (subsidised fitness programme at a nearby gym, flexible working hours, part-time jobs)
  • and much more .....

Permanent work contracts are the standard because we are convinced of our employees and are seeking to establish long-term partnerships.


Great employees make the difference, which is not only valid for RUDOLF.

But name a company where most of the employees only retire for age reasons. Which company can state that working 40 years or longer for the same employer is no exception?

Many employees already belong to the second, third or fourth generation that works for RUDOLF. We are very proud that parents encourage their children to do a training at RUDOLF because they see a future in this company.

We regard the loyalty and commitment of our employees highly, and we too are interested in long-term partnerships. This is why we actively support the professional and private development of every single person in accordance with individual goals, abilities and performance.