Textile Division

Rudolf Pakistan is a subsidiary of Rudolf GmbH situated in Pakistan. Offices are located in all regions of Pakistan. We provide process and effect chemicals, as well as technical products and services.


Agricultural Division

One of leading agro chemicals companies helping farmers to provide crop solutions at their doorstep aiming to feed growing population.


Rudolf Pakistan (Private) Limited

Smart Chemistry for a Sustainable Future

RUDOLF Pakistan is a subsidiary of RUDOLF GmbH within Pakistan. With offices in all textile regions of the country, RUDOLF provides technical products and services to its customers. Stocks of imported chemicals are maintained at all liaison offices.

RUDOLF Pakistan works with its customers to develop new products and processes to bring higher performing fabrics to consumers. For technical services, RUDOLF maintains a team of highly skilled and internationally qualified technicians. The Textile Chemicals business is subdivided into process and effect chemicals (finishing), screen printing, sizing chemicals. RUDOLF Pakistan has a business partnership with Magnacolors, the world leading manufacturer of water based textile screen printing inks.