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Water, oil and soil-repellent functionalising of textiles by means of the patented RUCO-GUARD® fluorocarbon technology and BIONIC-FINISH®

From the fluorocarbon polymer to the polymeric fluorocarbon resin film

In order to make optimum use of the effect of the fluorocarbon polymer film on the textile, the fluorocarbon polymer has to be applied onto the fibre surface as a wafer-thin film. Of special importance is a uniform orientation and a possibly compact distribution of the perfluorinated alkyl side-chains of the polymer on the textile surface.

The efficiency of fluorocarbon polymers for the oil and soil- repellent finish can be considerably improved by the co-application of fluorine-free substances to improve the effect, so-called boosters. These usually are aromatic or aliphatic, blocked (partly also non-blocked) polyisocyanates, that are applied together with the fluorocarbon polymer. During the subsequent drying and thermal treatment of the textile at temperatures from 130 °C to 180 °C the blocking agents are split off and reactive isocyanate groups are obtained. Subsequently they react with the fibre, with themselves or with the fluorocarbon polymer.

Crosslinked polyurethanes result, which due to their polyvalent crosslinkage lead to a stable film on the fibre, to a better orientation of the perfluoroalkyl chains. In this way excellent oil and water-repellent effects are achieved. Furthermore, due to the crosslinkage with the textile substrate the wash resistance of the finish will be improved.

What possibilities do RUCO-GUARD® products offer?

  • ®RUCO-GUARD AFC6 - Water-, oil- and soil repellents for all fibres
  • ®RUCO-GUARD AFR6 - High permanence, good hydrostatic head
  • ®RUCO-GUARD AFS6 - Interpenetrating polymeric network for impregnating synthetics
  • ®RUCO-GUARD AFU6 - Self-repairing impregnation of mechanically stressed  surfaces
  • ®RUCO-GUARD AIR6/ACP6 - What are low-curing products?
  • ®RUCO-GUARD AFH6 - LAD-technology, easy-care without ironing
  • ®RUCO-GUARD UCS6 - Fluorocarbon technology for flameretardant fibres
  • ®RUCO-GUARD CAN6 - Soil-repellent non-ionic FC finish for dip coating and finishing of polyamide 
  • ®RUCO-GUARD USR6 - Double protection: Water and oil repellency and soil-release
  • ®RUCO-GUARD AFB6 CONC/NET - Fluorocarbon technology as two-component system for additional flexibility in finishing
  • RUCO-GUARD®-boosters for the water, oil and soil-repellent finish of textiles

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