Responsible Care

The international council of chemical associations


Responsible Care is the global chemical industry's unifying commitment to the safe management of chemicals throughout their life cycle, while promoting their role in improving quality of live and contributing to sustainable development.

RUDOLF GROUP wins Responsible Care Award 2016

As a manufacturer of textile auxiliaries and special chemicals, RUDOLF is appreciated worldwide as an innovative partner. It is our vision to offer our customers high-quality and environmentally friendly technical solutions. BIONIC-FINISH®ECO, a water-repellent high-performance fluorine-free repellent finish, is an excellent example.

The media, legislature and environmental organisations regard fluorocarbon compounds, which have usually been used in this field, as increasingly critically due to their possible negative impact on the environment.

The RUDOLF GROUP has taken up this issue very early and has developed sophisticated, ecologically sustainable systems that enable durable water repellency for textiles without having to use these persistent chemicals.

For man, BIONIC-FINISH®ECO on outdoor clothes offers optimum and, simultaneously, environmentally friendly protection against rain, snow and mud.


As a signatory to the Responsible Care Global Charter my company will actively strengthen the Responsible Care initiative worldwide and is committed to:

  1. A Corporate Leadership Culture that proactively supports safe chemicals management through the global Responsible Care initiative
  2. Safeguarding People and the Environment by continuously improving our environmental, health and safety performance; the security of our facilities, processes and technologies; and by driving continuous improvement in chemical product safety and stewardship throughout the supply chain
  3. Strengthening Chemicals Management Systems by participating in the development and implementation of lifecycle-oriented, sound-science and risk-based chemical safety legislation and best practices
  4. Influencing Business Partners to promote the safe management of chemicals within their own operations
  5. Engaging Stakeholders, understanding and responding to their concerns and expectations for safer operations and products and communicating openly on our performance and products
  6. Contributing to Sustainability through improved performance, expanded economic opportunities and the development of innovative technologies and other solutions so societal challenges

Only the English language version is the official document.


Responsible Care Global Charter