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RUDOLF has been a bluesign® system partner since May 2010.


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Dear Sirs, 

Rudolf GmbH, manufacturer of textile auxiliaries and specialty chemicals, recently became a bluesign® supporter. For the traditional family business the environment-friendly use of chemical auxiliaries is - along with the best client service - top of the list. 

Chemical industry and environment don’t go together? Rudolf GmbH shows they do. The family business is a supplier that has long been an established part of the globally producing textile finishing industry. Main area is the client-friendly development of new textile auxiliaries and specialty chemicals. Already in the 90s a sustainable and considerate production has been important to Rudolf. Protecting the environment has always been on top of the list for the internationally recognised corporate group. 

“To us, protection of resources for a better future has always played an important role in our thinking and acting“, says Rüdiger Gross, Rudolf GmbH, and explains further: “For our customers we process over 500 raw materials turning them into over 500 different products. Our strength is the close relationship with our clients. We develop the ideal solution for each individual request.“ A strong and sustainable collaboration with bluesign technologies therefore was the logical step – in the form of the “bluesign® supporter agreement“. “For us the bluesign® standard is not just a stamp“, says Gross. “the bluesign® standard stands for a sustainable system that helps our clients to protect the environment while saving costs in production.“

(Statement from Mr. Rüdiger Gross / RUDOLF GmbH)

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