The best of both worlds


HYBRIDS - Optimising the individal layers

The interactive HYBRID System for functional textiles combined with RUDOLF cluster technologies

Hybrids are the combination of different products and processes with the purpose of increasing or optimising the performance. Due to the combination, new, desired properties arise. Technically, hybrid is a system in which two different technologies are combined.

An example technically are hybrid motorcars. Hybrid power engines for example consist of a combustion engine and one or several electric motors with the aim to increase energy efficiency.

HYBRIDTEX® optimises textile functions by hydrophobic/hydrophilic film coating on each individual layer and their interaction with other textile layers.

Additional functional cluster technologies, such as SILVERPLUS® (hygienic function) or ECO-VENT® (breathable membrane), even enhance the functional properties of textiles, and, thus, optimise either the individual textile or the entire system - depending on the field of application.