RUDOLF GROUP - More than 90 years as a manufacturer of products for textile finising and construction chemistry


The RUDOLF GROUP sees itself as a global service provider for the whole textile industry. Over 1,300 RUDOLF employees worldwide work at developing innovative products to contribute to our customers' success, many of whom belong to different industries.

Even the smallest details are developed together by an international exchange of experience in the „RUDOLF Eco System“ in order to be able to combine and reflect the requirements of a wide variety of cultures. This enables us to convey our strict rules and regulations as part of a personally created value chain, even in regions in which people take liberties with environmental protection and sustainability.

Similarly, we also react to people‘s particular needs on site in that we ensure that our measures are also implemented in these production facilities and laboratories, faithful to the motto:
„Think global, act local!“.




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Managing Director

„The founder, Reinhold Rudolf, laid the foundations for his textile supply business in 1922. He could never have imagined the size and international significance that the company would one day achieve in the now more than 90 years. But there was something clear from the very beginning: only the highest possible level of customer service and close cooperation in the development of new products would lead to success. Still today, these are the values which shape our company culture and which must be preserved above all.

As a fourth generation family company, we always rely on our employees. It is only thanks to their commitment that we have been able to grow our company so successfully. At the same time, they remind us of the huge responsibility that we have to people and to the environment with our products.“


Managing Director

„As the fourth generation, joining the management of a company is no easy task.

On the one hand you have to preserve what the previous generations have so carefully built, but at the same time, you equally have to tackle the challenges of tomorrow with enthusiasm, responsibility and an open mind.

Often criticised chemistry, and thus also the chemical industry, have become an integral part of our world - that‘s a fact. It is therefore all the more important to take concepts such as sustainability, environmental protection and social responsibility seriously. New paths should be explored with the awareness that not everything that is technically possible is also advisable - and at the same time, the focus must be on the appreciation of people in a new era.“