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Textile application and examination techniques

Processes and effects in textile finishing are constantly reviewed for optimising possibilities. As a service-oriented company, RUDOLF supports its customers in each individual finishing step by means of the technical application laboratory facilities.


  • Process analysis and optimisation as well as working out recipes for pretreatment, dying or printing operations by means of the simulation of all discontinuous, semi-continuous and continuous finishing processes
  • Examination of resistance to wear and fastness to processing according to German, international as well as customer-specific standards
  • Colorimetric evaluations and whiteness measuring


  • Developing recipes and optimising processes for finishing and coating operations
  • Effect tests conforming to standards are, among other things, conducted by water/oil/soil/chemical repellency, soil release, hydrophilic and antistatic properties, handle variations, sewability, anti-bacterial effects, burning behaviour, strength tests, easy-care effects, wash resistance, yarn tests and much more

Textile examination techniques including fault and defect analysis are available for greige to finished goods.

The tests include, among other things:

  • Material and construction analysis
  • Qualitative and quantitative chemical analysis of organic and inorganic fibre adjacent substances, among other things, of portions extractable in water or in organic solvents
  • Size analysis, ash, iron and hardness determination
  • Analysis of condition after pretreatment, dyeing or final finishing, eg pH determination, conductivity, surface-active substances, degree of polymerisation, wetting behaviour, fogging test, formaldehyde content and much more

The analysis of faults and defects is part of the textile examination techniques and is mainly focused on surface and fibre-microscopic analyses combined with the digital microphotography, which is imperative for factual documentation.