Seed Treatment

Man Sui

Give your Seed - The Coat It Deserves

Pack Size: 150 ml & 200 ml

Dose per Acre: 4 - 15-20 ml per kg seed


  • 3 Active Ingredients, Three Mode of Action
  •  Best Possible Start
  • Deeper and Thicker Roots for Quick Absorption
  • Long Lasting Insects Control
  • Prevents Seed & Soil Borne Diseases
  • Stick & Stay Technology Enhances its Efficacy
  • Higher Yield, Higher Profit

Form: FS (Flowable Slurry)

Chemical Basis: Thiamethoxam 22.4% + Fludioxonil 0.8% + Difenoconazole 0.8%


How to Make Solution:

Add water in recommended dose of Man Sui to make solution up to 30 ml to be used for 1 kg seed. Kindly use plastic sheet or seed treatment unit to treat the seed with Man Sui