Post Emergence Control of Wild Oat & Phalaris Minor

Active ingredients: Mesosulfuron Methyl 3% + Clodinafop-propargyl 20%
Formulation: OD (oil dispersion)     
Pack Size: 110 ml

Benefits to farmers:

  • Broad weed spectrum and ability to successfully control grasses under different climatic conditions
  • Absorbed through the leaves and shoots of actively growing plants
  • Quick Reaction, hence stopping cell division and weed growth
  • Phytotoxic symptoms appear within 1-3 weeks
  • Safer for crop

Ful Control

Dose per Acre: 270 – 360 gm

Benefits: To control Broad leaves, Narrow weeds (Maize)

Application: Post Emergence, Foliar Spray

Form: Powder

Chemical Basis: (MESOTRIONE 10%+ATRAZINE 40%)50% WP


Post Emergence Control of Broad Leaves Weeds in Wheat

Active ingredients: Florasulam 0.5% + Carfentrazone-Ethyl 1.5% + Fluroxypyr-Meptyl 14%
Formulation: SE (Suspo emulsion) 
Pack Size: 175 ml

Benefits to farmers:

  • Unique formulation 
  • Dual effect, systemic and contact killing
  • Effective control of variety of broad leaves weeds & maximizes yield at a single use rate
  • Absorbed through the roots, leaves and shoots of actively growing plants and translocated rapidly to other parts of the plants
  • Excellent results against Resistant weeds to other herbicides in market 
  • Suitable for tank mix
  • Degrades quickly in the soil and is safe for current and subsequent crops at the recommended dosage.


Dose per Acre: 36 – 48 gm

Benefits: To control Annual & prennial weeds (Rice)

Application: Post emergence, Foliar Spray

Form: Powder

Chemical Basis: BENSULFURON Methyl +ACETOCHLOR  16%KPP


Dose per Acre: 1000 – 1200 ml

Benefits: To control Narrow & Broad leaves weeds (Cotton, Wheat, Maize)

Application: Pre & Post emergence, Foliar Spray

Form: Liquid

Chemical Basis: Pendimethalin 33% EC


Active Ingredients: Florasulam 1.5% + Mesosulfuron Methyl 2.5 % + Fluroxypyr Meptyl 22%
Formulation: OD (Oil Dispersion)
Pack Size: 150 ml

Benefits to Farmers:

  • Powerful chemistry, taken by roots & shoots and translocated throughout plant
  • Effective to control resistant weeds in wheat
  • Broad spectrum and its reliable efficacy against broad leaf & narrow leaf weeds
  • Enhances nutrients and water use efficacy for crop plants through better weed management
  • Safe to wheat and succeeding crops
  • Single shot solution saves time & money for farmers


Dose per Acre: 900 – 1200 ml

Benefits: To control Annual weeds (Maize)

Application: 2- 4 leaves stage, Foliar Spray

Form: Liquid

Chemical Basis: Nicosulfuron + Mesotrine + Atrazine

Weed Free

Dose per Acre: 750 ml, 1250 ml, 2000 ml


  • To control Seasonal weeds (750 ml, All Crops)
  • To Control Annual leaves weeds (1250 ml, All Crops)
  • To Control Narrow & bush like weeds (2000 ml, All Crops)

Application: Post emergence, Foliar Spray

Form: Liquid

Chemical Basis: Glyphosate 48% SL