More Than Just Protection

Active Ingredients: Fluazinam 30%+ Cymoxanil 20 % 
Formulation: WDG (water dispersible granules)
Pack Size: 250 g- 1 kg

Benefits to Farmers:

  • Foliar fungicide with protective curative action
  • Inhibiting spore germination, hyphal penetration, growth and sporulation
  • Contact and systemic activity
  • Effective to control all stages of fungi 
  • Good residual effect and rain fastness


Dual Protection

Chemical Basis: Cyazofamid 6.5% + Chlorothalonil 32.5 % SC
Formulation: SC (suspension concentrate)
Pack Size-250 ml 

Benefits to Farmers:

  • Depletion of, thiols (particularly glutathione) from germinating fungal cells, leading to disruption of glycolysis and energy production and fungicidal action 
  • Multisite action 
  • Translaminar and curative activity
  • Effective to control resistant fungal diseases


Dose per Acre: 600 gm

Benefits: To control Early & Late Blight (Vegetables)

Application: As a preventive measure before appearance of disease, Foliar Spray

Form: Powder

Chemical Basis: Kasugamycin + Copper Oxychloride


Dose per Acre: 250 gm

Benefits: To control Downy Mildew (Vegetables)

Application: As a preventive measure before appearance of disease, Foliar Spray

Form: Powder

Chemical Basis: Pyriclostrobin + Dimethomorph 18.7% WG

Ready Super

Revolutionary Product to Control Blight 

Inhibits mitochondrial respiration by blocking electron transfer at the cytochrome bc1 complex

Active Ingredients: Pyraclostrobin 7% + Tebuconazole 28%
Formulation: SC (Suspension Concentrate)
Pack Size: 200 ml & 1,000 ml

Benefits to Farmers:

  • Curative & eradicative efficacy
  • Broad-spectrum action against many crop diseases
  • Rapidly absorbed into the vegetative parts of the plant, with translocation principally acropetally 
  • Excellent Plant Growth (PG) effect
  • Improves quality of produce


It is a broad spectrum contact and protective Fungicide

Active ingredients: Sulphur 80% 
Formulation: WG (water dispersible granule)
Pack size: 1kg, 10kg, 25kg

Benefits to Farmers:

  • MICROTHIOL DISPRESS technology makes it more unique
  • Dust free 
  • Healthy plant, better quality
  • Prevents and corrects Sulphur deficiency
  • Flowable micronized Sulphur granules
  • Uniform size around 3 microns ensure uniform spread throughout leaf 
  • Instant dispersion and high suspensibility in water

Yoloo Yomar

Dose per Acre: 60 ml

Benefits: To control Sheath Blight (Rice)

Application: As a preventive measure before & after appearance of disease, Foliar Spray

Form: Liquid

Chemical Basis: Thifluzamide 21.93% +Hexaconazole 21.93% SC