Hydrophilic finishing agent for the use on polyamide articles

Stay cool

  • Wash-resistant hydrophilic properties for polyamide
    Thus, wearer enjoys polyamide articles with durable moisture-management effects
  • Soil and stain-release effects
    Easy soil dissolution from polyamide articles
  • Anti-static effects
    Thus, high wear comfort and well-being in polyamidesynthetic textiles without spontaneous static discharge
  • Excellent compatibility with SILVERPLUS® technology
    Thus, unpleasant odours in textiles are securely avoided

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After signing the licence agreement, the RUDOLF GROUP will provide, free of charge, the design for the respective swing tickets.

The printing costs of a swing ticket usually exceed many times the functional finish of a garment etc. The RUDOLF GROUP, therefore, cannot take over these printing costs. Our customers will be charged with these costs. We, however, will be glad to get the address of cost-effective printeries for our customers and will take care of the handling/logistics of the print order free of charge.