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Cheers to the Lahore Sales Team!

Lahore sales team celebrates everhighest sales 2021.

Born on the 4th of December

Happy Birthday!
Wish you all the success in the world!

To the Founder of Rudolf Pakistan Mr. Qaiser Sajjad, who has fought hard to bring this company to greater heights, to the man who has always inspired us to be better than what we are, to the man who has been the leader for us to look and up and get inspired..



Rudolf Pakistan’s Product Safety Department InAction with Karachi Sales Team

A Workshop on Chemical Management

Rudolf Pakistan, as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, is conducting customers training on Chemical Management emphasizing on chemical handling and storage, national and international rules and regulations and. Thus will enhance customer-buyer communication.

In Karachi we have conducted such trainings at 7 customers namely

a.    Indigo Denim
b.    Union Fabrics
c.    Rajby Industries
d.    Kassim Denim
e.    Denim Prive
f.    Artistic Denim Mills
g.    Naveena Denim Mills

Certificate of Participation provided by :   Mr. Munir Hussain (Director Sales and Marketing - South Region)

Training provided by                             :    Mr. Sajjad Ul Hassan (Head Product Safety)

Faisalabad Sales Team Achievement 2021

By the Grace of Almighty
اللہ سبحان وتعالی
We are pleased to announce that we have achieved 2nd highest sales record.

We are very thankfull to

اللہ سبحان وتعالی

for His unlimited blessings upon Rudolf Family.


Rehan Anjum & Waseem Sb are grateful to Fsd team for their consistency and continuous improvement in sale.


We are also thankful to Management, Supply Chain, Production and Lab for their support.


شکر الحمداللہ

Innovative Rudolf Pakistan

Training : Finance for Non-Finance Employees

Rudolf Pakistan has taken another innovative initiative in the direction of enhancing and upgrading the skills of its employees that will eventually help in taking productive measures to maximize the efficiency of the company in the long run. This makes Rudolf Pakistan a unique and innovative company among the other chemical companies in Pakistan.

A two days training on the basics of finance was conducted in November 2017. Mr. Adeel Shaikh from the University of Management and Technology provided a deep insight of Finance and its connection and interplay with the working of the sales staff while setting the goals and targets of sales project.

A Worth- Mentioning Workshop on Polyester Dyeing Levelling Agents

There exist unlimited opportunities and where there is an open mind there is an innovation

To add to the skill set of its employees, a short workshop was arranged by Rudolf GmbH to explore the global market of levelling agents for polyester dyeing in November 2018. It was attended by Rudolf’s representatives from different countries.  Mr. Nadeem Kirmani represented Rudolf Pakistan. New products introduced by Rudolf GmbH were also discussed. Representatives provided the knowledge about the market trends of levelling agents of their respective areas that formed the basis of the collective discussion on the actual market need of levelling agents.


Smart Chemistry and Smart Machines

The great event IGATEX 2019' ended with excitement. RUDOLF PAKISTAN participated the event with theme of “Smart Chemistry for a Sustainable Future”. It was a successful event for RUDOLF PAKISTAN and TEXSOL as many companies expressed their interest for the smart textile chemical products and machines. This was a great motivation for providing innovative products, solutions and services to the textile industry.

A smart cookie in HUB 1922

A Fashion Division

October is well known for the events and festivals. A big thanks to the head of denim Mr. Nouman Danish, Rudolf Pakistan for representing  Rudolf {Pakistan in the exhibition “HUB 1922”, held in Amsterdam, Germany.  HUB 1922 displayed Rudolf’s latest selection of chemical auxiliaries for fashion and function of garment processing.

HUB 1922 is a new project of Rudolf’s sophisticated and conscious chemistry. The project is based on three concepts.  Odyssey, a voyage through textures and innovation, softness, comfort and signature hand-feels; Shelter, performance inspired by natural models for urban protection and for much reduced domestic washing; and Memoflex, a modern-day miracle preventing denim from sagging and bagging, a truly denim Botox that shows improved quality on many stretch fabrics.

It is interesting to mention here the basis of the name “HUB 1922”. The unique name HUB 1922 is based on a building which was a textile mill in 1800’s, in the village Busto Arsizio near Milan, Italy and this is the building where Rudolf has opened its fashion division.

December - The Birthday Month of the Legends of Pakistan and Rudolf Pakistan

December is indeed a festive month in Pakistan. Pakistan celebrates the birth anniversary of the founder of Pakistan Quaid-i-Azam.

For Rudolf Pakistan, it is birthday bash of two great leaders Mr. Qaiser Sajjad and Mr. Amir Mirza. This year 2018, they kicked off the celebrations with a star-studded bash at Rudolf Pakistan Head Office. They kick-started the party by cutting cakes. The office building filled with the cheerful voices of birthday songs and a thunder of clappings.

Rudolf Pakistan really knows how to party the season.

Rudolf Pakistan’s Participation in the IGATEX 2018 Exhibition

The 11th International Garment, Textile Machinery Exhibition (IGATEX 2018) took place from 26th – 29th April, 2018 at Lahore Expo Centre. This year, IGATEX exhibition was much bigger as it occupied three halls of the Lahore Expo Centre. Around 500 exhibitors from 30 countries participated the exhibition.

The exhibition booth was 21*6 sq. meters in size and was shared with Texsol (Pvt.) Limited. Rudolf Pakistan has synergy with the machine indenting company Texsol (Pvt.) Limited. Texsol represents Guarneri Technology, Arioli,Pentek, LAfer, Cibitex, Fimat and many others.

Rudolf Pakistan presented its innovative product range at IGATEX Pakistan 2018, with the theme "Smart chemistry for a sustainable future ".

Rudolf Pakistan showcased Magna Colors water based inks. Magna Color Inks are the most recent addition to the company’s product range.Rudolf Pakistan’s “SUSTAINABLE DENIM” project participated with the aim to provide the denim industry a knowledge about the development of new technologies for various material effects, while reducing the impact of denim manufacturing on the environment. Rudolf Group focused its demonstrations mainly on sustainability.The dyestuff range of Colortex was discussed with the leading customers. Discussions were held on high fastness and most commonly used ecological standards for the textile industry and ways to improve state-of-the-art process with an improved environmental profile.

From brunch to orange parties, Rudolf Pakistan knows how to party

Whether it is weekend or a festive season, Rudolf Pakistan has a keen interest in throwing parties that keeps the spirit of Rudolf Pakistan Team high.

A massive office party took place between 3pm and 5:30 pm on Saturday 17, 2018.Oranges did a great job of conveying a weekend feel. This color gave a non-traditional color palette for the party to show that any color can be used to pull off a holiday look. Rudolf employees were covered from head to toe in orange dresses and face paint.

Our tradition, like all other parties in our Rudolf family really just comes down to spending time together, having fun and in this case, eating lots of oranges.

Annual Sales conference 2017- WE ALL ARE IN !

Rudolf Pakistan held a three - days event “Annual Sales Conference 2017” in the Management House at Lahore, Pakistan.

The theme of this year’s conference was “We all are in!”. Rudolf Pakistan helds the Annual sales Conference every year but, this year, the pattern of the Conference was somewhat different. Besides the sales team, individuals from the other departments also participated especially in Customer Cluster Analysis. The Customer Cluster Analysis was designed to raise the awareness that everyone is involved in the sales activity in one way or another. The whole idea was to get a platform for all the team members to be able to participate and express their views. Attendees to the conference included sales force from Karachi, Lahore and Faisalabad regions. Juried awards were issued to the participants. The conference was a massive success.


The Higher Management of Rudolf Pakistan, the Managing Director and CEO, worked hard to create a fabulous conference event that maintained some of the most valued traditions while incorporating changes in the conference.

A Training to Remember

Learning happens all the time whether or not we are fully aware of it.

Rudolf Pakistan considers training of its customers and employees as its own responsibility. Therefore, Rudolf Pakistan conducts different types of trainings frequently to accomplish the aim of enhancing the knowledge and skills of its customers and employees. During these sessions, participants are given an opportunity to reinforce what they learn by practicing.

Recently, a five days training was organized by Rudolf Pakistan in Germany. Training was offered to the textile professionals on the premises of Rudolf Headquarters in Germany. Participants were a given an understanding of the long term goals of Rudolf Group and the implications of these goals for Rudolf’s customers and employees. A detailed discussion was carried on the Rudolf products and processes. At the end, an overview was given on current issues concerning the health and environment compliances.

Participants were impressed by the informal and supportive environment provided to them during the training. They came back with the aim to implement what they have learned during the training in their working capacities.


Pictures paints a thousand words!

Birthday Bash

Birthdays are significant. These are the occasions of rejoicing and feasting. Everyone should have a birthday celebration that stands out and lives in his or her memories.

December has been a festive month for Rudolf Pakistan. Three outstanding personalities of Rudolf Pakistan have birthdays this month. Nouman Danish threw a fun and lavish birthday bash on Thursday, December 28, 2017. It became a joint birthday party of Nouman Danish, Atif Iqbal and Muhammad Umair. Joint birthday was celebrated in the Rudolf Head Office in an exciting atmosphere.

Fun, Fit and Fabulous Conference

Ghazal Night and Sports Gala

The evenings were a great way to conclude the three days event “Annual Sales Conference 2017- We all are in!” First day conference was concluded with an exciting traditional “Gazal Night”. The video is showing the excellent singing performance of Mr. Atif Iqbal.  The second day ended with Sports Gala held in freezing cold of December night. The sports gala went until late midnight 2:30 am. All teams won the match in each round..Amazing victories !!

Rudolf Pakistan’s Trophy of the Decade

A driving competition was held on October 11, 2017 in Hong Kong. Fourty companies from around the globe participated.

Rudolf Pakistan’s Chief operating officer Mr. Qasier Sajjad remarkable and immense driving spell drove Rudolf Pakistan to a stunning victory over the other countries at the car driving competition held in Hong Kong. That was a stunning and breathless competition. Wild celebrations ensued after Rudolf Pakistan's big win. 


A driving competition was held on October 11, 2017 in Hong Kong. Fourty companies from around the globe participated.

Rudolf Pakistan’s Chief operating officer Mr. Qasier Sajjad remarkable and immense driving spell drove Rudolf Pakistan to a stunning victory over the other countries at the car driving competition held in Hong Kong. That was a stunning and breathless competition. Wild celebrations ensued after Rudolf Pakistan's big win.

inauguration of Rudolf Life Sciences

Rudolf Pakistan has always been keen to expand the company in different sectors. This year, Rudolf Pakistan has added another feather to its cap by launching Rudolf Life Sciences setup. Indeed it is another milestone of the victories of Rudolf Pakistan.

The Managing Director of Rudolf Pakistan congratulated the staff, on the accomplishment and said inspite of constraints, delays in development plans and challenges, Rudolf Pakistan again demonstrated its ability to compete against far better organizations and eventually has launched Rudolf Life Sciences with its full zest.

East or West, Rudolf Group is the Best !

Independence fever gripped Rudolf Pakistan that turned the office “Green” with pride.

Rudolf Pakistan celebrated 71st Independence Day with patriotic fervour and enthusiasm. National flag was hoisted in the office followed by a national anthem and a cake cutting ceremony. Everyone prayed for peace and prosperity in the country. .